• The Raids

    • Raid England

      28th July – 1st August 2010 on the Solent.

    • Great Glen Raid

      Coast to coast across Scotland,

    • Croisiere Loire

      In 2005, July 3-8th: From Tours (Brehemont) to Nantes (Oudon), France

    • Raid Finland

      The sixth Raid Finland will be in the fantastic archipelago of Turku, same area as 2003.

    • Shipyard Raid

      In 2010, July 10 -July 17: An 8-day 175 km course from Silva Bay, Gabriola Island, BC to Desolation Sound, Heriot Bay, BC, Canada.

  • About Raid 2007

    • Raider Alex Low’s photos

      Alex Low has a page of great Raid 07 photos on his Web site.

    • Jackson Hole Daily

      A nice article about Mary and Bill Neal building and racing Dragonfly in Raid 07 has been posted in the September 26 issue (web-version).

  • About Raid 2006

    • Classic Boat

      Raider/photographer Cameron Eckhert has an article in the July 2007 issue about Shipyard School Raid 2006.

    • Ron’s Gallery

      A slideshow with wonderful photos of Raid 06.

    • Small Craft Advisor

      Tad and Barrett wrote about Raid 06 for January 2007 Issue #43. Yuko and Tern are on the cover: The photos were taken by Raider Cameron Eckert.

    • Micheal’s Raid 06 photos

      Bear crew Micheal’s Raid 06 photos were posted in December at gallery “ShipyardRaid2006″

    • smugmug

      There is a nice set of photos of the Raid finish at the gallery

  • Raid Motherships and Escorts

    • Temujin

      Steel Pinky schooner Temujin

    • Rupert Pelican

      Wooden Gulf Scow Schooner Rupert Pelican

    • Grail Dancer

      Web site includes information about Raid 05 Mothership Grail Dancer

    • Seka and Island Eagle

      Web site includes information about Raid 06 Mothership Island Eagle and Raid Shepard Seka

    • Martha

      The 68′ wooden schooner Martha was our support Mothership for Raid 06.

  • Voyages under Sail and Oar


    • Hunter Bay Boat Project

      The building and voyages of raider Tern, rowed and sailed to Alaska and back in three months to the day.

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