Route for Raid 09

Going North

Departing Silva Bay on July 11th, the 09 Shipyard Raid will again go north. With some slight adjustments we will follow last year’s route north up the Gulf of Georgia to Jedediah Island, around the bottom of Texada Is, and then up Malaspina Strait and into Desolation Sound. We will again finish at Heriot Bay on Quadra Island on Saturday evening, the 18th of July. This year we will go further north into the mountains, bypassing last year’s stop at Galley Bay to go on to Roscoe Bay on West Redonda Island. The conditions in 08 included very challenging windward sailing in steep chop with 20+ knots of wind, and downwind running in similar conditions. Only 3 legs of the 13 total were flat calm, and two of those were short sprints. So we’re again hoping for lots of wind and perhaps not quite as much rain.

Route for Raid 08

Going North

After three Raids south from Silva Bay to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, in 2008 the Raid is going north. The route of about 170 km is from Silva Bay on Gabriola Island, B.C. Canada, through the Gulf of Georgia, up the Malaspina Strait (mainland side), and into Desolation Sound. We are also planning that instead of the first week of September, the Raid will take place earlier in the summer.

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