Safety: A Check-list of Required Gear

Navigation and Safety Equipment Items

Entries must have all the navigation and safety equipment on the Check List

  • Charts

    1. Canadian Hydrographic Service Chart Atlas #3313
    2. Tide tables, light lists,
      and sailing directions for each day’s race will be provided
      by the race committee for each skipper.
    1. Iluminated compass
    2. One (1) pair of oars plus one spare oar
    3. Handheld GPS receiver
    4. Handheld VHF
    1. All-round white light
    2. Red/green side lights
  • Anchoring and Mooring

    1. 8-lb Danforth anchor or equiv.
    2. 100 ft. x .5 inch nylon anchor rode
    3. Two 25 ft .5 inch polypropylene mooring ropes
    4. Fenders
    5. Bow eye or towing point
    6. Clothes line
  • Convenience lighting

    1. Good quality waterproof flashlight
  • Bilge

    1. Hand-operated bilge pump or bailing device
  • Emergency

    1. First aid kit
    2. Floating waterproof flashlight
    3. Six hand-held flares
    4. Sound-signaling device (aerosol horn, whistle, etc.)
  • Lifesaving

    1. Lifejacket that fits for every person aboard
    2. Boarding ladder (if freeboard is over 20 inches)
    3. Rescue throw bag
    4. Thermal survival blanket

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