About the Shipyard Raid

2010: July 10 to July 17. Silva Bay to Desolation Sound, BC, Canada

The Shipyard Raid is an annual 8-day sailing and rowing race for traditional small boats. After three Raids south from Silva Bay to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, 2005-2007, in 2010 as in 2009 and 2008 the Raid is going north. The route of about 170 km is from the Silva Bay on Gabriola Island, B.C. Canada, through the Gulf of Georgia, up the Malaspina Strait (mainland side), and into Desolation Sound.

What Is A Raid

The first raid held in North America, the Shipyard Raid
is modeled after the Great Glen Raid in Scotland, Raid Finland,
the Croisiere Loire, and predecessors in Portugal
and Sweden. Like them, the Shipyard Raid promotes
adventure, seamanship and sportsmanship in small traditional sail-and-rowing craft.

Who Can Come

Raid boats will be traditional sail-and-rowing craft between
4.5 m or 15′ and 7.9 m or 26′ LOA; however, the race committee
has the final decision on eligibility. Raiders use only sail and oars; a number of legs are strictly rowing. Several sections
of open water are considered challenging to open boat sailors:
therefore, safety equipment, radios, adequate gear and clothing,
and navigational skill and experience are required. Check List

Hopefully, many Raiders can bring their own boats. When this
is not possible, the Raid can arrange crew positions or
charter boats.

Overall Schedule

The Raid is a seven day event; each day includes one or more
races with points awarded for each race. Overall placing is
determined by total points.

There are separate classes for larger and smaller boats,
using only oars or oars and sails.

The Raider’s Life

We gather for meals, Skippers’ meetings in the morning,
and retrospective in the evening. All meals are provided;
racing stops at lunch except on the longest passages.

There is provision for camping at marine parks such as Wallace Island,
Princess Margaret, Sidney Spit, Reid Harbor, and James Island.

Raiders are escorted by mother ships such as the 18 m/61′ wooden schooner Grail Dancer. These provide accommodation
(at extra cost), cooking facilities, showers, towing, or transport.

At least one small fast shepherd accompanies the fleet.

2010 Entry Fees

Total Fees:
Boat and Skipper: $550.00 CAN
Each Crew Member: $395.00 CAN

A 50% deposit must accompany your registration, due May 1st. Full payment is due June 1st.

2010 Registration

Registration must be made by May 1st. However, early
registration is encouraged since registration is limited
and to help us organise accommodations, escorts, etc.

For more information about the Raid, please email us at

About Us

The Raid’s organiser Tad Roberts practices yacht design and
naval architecture on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada and was is Vice-Chair of the
Board of Directors
Board of Directors, Director, Vice-Chair, Chairman, 2001-2009 Unpaid volunteer Executive Director, from November 5th ’09, resigned November 29th ’09 of the Silva Bay Shipyard School, a non-profit traditional wooden boat building school, also on Gabriola Island.

Tad says, “After reading about the Raids in Europe and talking to their organisers, I thought that it would be a great idea for a Raid to take place here in British Columbia. And, as a member of the Board of the Silva Bay Shipyard School, I hoped that our Raid would be a benefit to its namesake the Silva Bay Shipyard School by associated publicity and interest.” From its inception in 2004-2005, the Shipyard Raid is a completely independent non-profit effort supported entirely by the Roberts family, the Raiders, and by its many friends and volunteers. It is not, it never has been, and it never will be formally associated with or materially supported by the Silva Bay Shipyard School.

Fully-occupied with re-building his 41-year-old wooden Angleman Sea Spirit ketch, Raid crew James McAlister-Roberts was deckhand on Mothership Island Eagle for Raid 06 and everywhere needed for Raid 07 and 08. James is shepherd and quarter-master for 09.

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